My position on Net Neutrality….

I prefer for the ISP’s not to basically become another “cable company” type situation. One who gets to decide what sites I have the best connections to, and what sites I “don’t need” as good of a connection to.

One thing this conversation has brought to light is the reality that most people don’t have a real good grasp on how the internet works in the very first place. The internet as we know it works out of cooperation. If you think its your actual ISP’s router that delivers your packets the entire way to the site you want to visit and back, then you are quite mistaken.

The internet already depends on a level trust that the path your data takes will allow it to be passed on from one network’s router to another network’s router to yet another network’s router and then be delivered as requested. Its a whole ecosystem of cooperation.

What do you think happens when parts of that path suddenly decide that its ok to mess with that cooperation? When they decide what should be slowed down or stopped altogether because of a financial benefit to them.

Net Neutrality’s “regulations” that some of these people are all worried about, isn’t “your internet being micromanaged by bureaucrats”… Its safeguarding “our internet” from having its ecosystem being disturbed by greed. Once the cooperation stops… “your internet” will never be the same. I personally enjoy our current system. Its kinda nice to see untainted cooperation somewhere in this world.

Remember sometimes that it isn’t the ones that actually “know” how things work that makes the decisions on things like this, its the people “in charge” who are only in it to turn a profit that make the final decisions.

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