Just some thoughts….

Its ok to get angry, but its not ok to reside inside of it. Put simply, anger is the easy way out and deserves no honor. Stewing in it gives you a false sense of righteousness that — to you — justifies your own unfair attitude, behaviors, and unwillingness to work out a resolution. It gives you an excuse to not try… to not grow as an individual, to not bend.

There is peace found in simply understanding that life is not going to go the way you planned period. Life’s value is less about what happens to you, and more about what actions you take, how you adapt, how you react. Taking responsibility for yourself – being honest about your own motives – your actions, these are the first steps in not being so lost. Guard yourself against dramatization, because it muddies the water, and often makes you focus on the wrong questions. It makes you take pride in the wrong things. Your level of pride in your own perfection in any situation is a red flag that you plain aren’t being reflective enough.

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