The unknown price of “ownership”

Ever notice how very often things are pretty fine until someone begins to feel like they “own” something? Like their thoughts and comfort should outweigh others?

It’s like we start off in a beautiful mental state where we are hopeful and willing to cooperate for a benefit that is so much larger than ourselves but after some time it seems our attitude shifts to self comfort above overall comfort. What causes this?

Its at that point, we form these human constructs of the mind.. things like group supremacy, politics, and ego… all things that are imagined ideas and not actually all that real, yet they are energized into existence by us accepting them and deciding they have merit.

We buy into them out of what? boredom? These formulated ideas don’t tend to help overall, just help specific groups… and we buy in… What kind of world would we have if we plain chose not to?

Maybe “ownership” isn’t where its at, maybe cooperation is… maybe that is why people have such a hard time finding any sort of happiness.. because they are looking for it in the wrong place. Social creatures looking for happiness in individualized focused constructs… it’s just a thought.

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