Agreement vs. Respect

Agreement doesn’t equal Respect… and Respect doesn’t equal Agreement.

Anything that increases the amount of view points, with which you can understand in any given situation with should be welcomed. If it frustrates you to have your beliefs NOT viewed as being “the only way” things “should be” it signifies a limitation in your own understanding. It really is not required for us all to agree.

Do not be confused. It is not disrespectful to disagree with someone. It is however, disrespectful to not take into considerations how the things you promote hurt others. To ignore the struggles of those around us. If your feelings are hurt because someone brings up a point you didn’t consider, that is your pride being hurt, not you being attacked. A real conversation on a topic is not personal unless you’ve tied “respect” to mean that you should not ever be questioned.

Don’t tie yourself to what you believe you know, but rather to how you can increase your overall understanding, and to how you can grow to understand things from multiple points of view, than use your ethics and morals to direct you in what you hold tightly to.

If we wish to continue with community living, then we can’t so narrowly judge things. We can’t agree to be so simple in judging entire groups. Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness needs to be a wish for all.. not just for those we are closest to.

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