Protesters vs Rioters.. there is a difference.

Lets have this vocabulary conversation.

I think there is a very valid difference between expressing frustration in a peaceful protest format and those actually causing violent action in actual Riot activity. I expect that most frustration I see people complaining about protesters is really frustration at the latter. Those that are causing issue.. those that are reacting unjustly. Those are Rioters.. not simply protesters. Very thankful to have our police available to respond to Rioter’s yes as those individuals aren’t coping well or being respectful or responsible at all.

That said, I feel like many people are spouting a lot of these kind of unhelpful posts where they are “angry at protesters”… acting as if peaceful protesters and rioters are the same thing.

I would just offer this thought. If we are true to our honorable talk over wanting the country to come together, we have to start with being concise in order to minimize further misunderstanding. Lets identify correctly. We need to refrain from putting down protesters with derogatory terms, and lumping them into the same boat as the rioters. We have to know that our language choice during this time actually matters too. Are we ┬áso unable to acknowledge pain that we must put down those that wish others to be aware of its presence? Because that is what we are doing when we put down “protestors”. Don’t misunderstand me.. People who act irresponsibly, and cause damage and threaten safety are not being defended here in any way. Those are “Rioters”… not simple protestors.

Let us not be confused here. Peaceful protests are meant to try and get others to understand a pain point that people feel is being ignored. Peaceful protests are a time honored method meant to inspire positive change throughout our history. Martin Luther King’s assemblies.. In this day and age could we in good conscious actually say that he should “just grow up” and get over it? “Stop whining!” “Stop being a child”… I think most now days would have a hard time saying something like that…… yet I bet you people during his time likely did. We need to think about our words, and correctly identify what part of things we are angry at.

There is a lot of pain going on.. some pain that actually caused Trump to be elected and some that is because he has been. Many Trump supporters felt written off and ignored, and put down. They didn’t care some of the disrespectful things Trump presented because they saw someone who understood and agreed with them in being angry at a system that wasn’t working for them.

The people on the other end, those who are peaceful protesting now.. are doing so out of fear of what will happen to their families and friends. They worry about their families being tore apart, their friends being sent away over religion or skin color. They simply want the country to understand they are scared, and don’t think that it is how America should be. It would be one thing if there hadn’t been anything along the way to create this fear. The reality is that they are scared because they DID LISTEN to Trumps words and his expressed plans. They heard his actual rhetoric used in this election. That is why they believe there is a problem to address.

Lets not lose sight of that, or climb too high upon our own high horses. Lets not make the same mistakes in NOT being careful with what ideas we are trying to convey. If we really want progress in encouraging unity and peace, we have to curb our “put downs” of an entire group over the actions of a few… and strive instead to communicate the points that are actually important. Lets learn from this all and not make the same mistakes that serve to incite, or encourage issues by proudly displaying dismissive attitudes.. Lets use words as concisely as we can.

If you were actually annoyed because some are peacefully protesting, that is kind of your issue honestly, and you should know it is within their rights to do so.

If your complaint is over those Rioters causing havoc.. then say that and identify them as rioters. Lets be concise. There are enough misunderstandings at the moment.

There are always people whose extremist behavior serves to undermine others who are just trying to convey a simple and often decent point. The Rioters currently are undermining the peaceful protestors who really only wanted to stand peacefully in solidarity to say that they don’t want to see America become worse when it comes to discrimination and disrespect of our fellow diverse citizens. The rioters are cheapening that message, and that is very unfortunate.