The Resources you use…

The resources you rely on speak greatly of your character and constitution. The reality is that the weak and afraid rely on walls and fortresses… while the brave and empowered strive instead to build bridges.

Its wisdom that is required to understand that you can’t hide forever, and if your desire is something better, communication is the key… segregation roots you in the past and is never progress, rather just an instance of simple cowardice.

The truth is that the more you open your mind and conversations to the experiences of others, the more you realize that there is far more than just one way of viewing this world, and far more you have in common with others even in totally different shoes and circumstances.

Reliance on fear is really just the “easy” way out, because once you realize that people are really people, and not simple monsters and backdrops to your story.. you begin to awaken to the reality of actually thinking over your own actions towards others… and you begin to be worth actually working with.