Update: 9/5/16

Update: MS flare moved on to attacking my right side and making things difficult being my dominant side. Ended up going to the ER last night at Newberg’s Hospital as the affected area seemed to be spreading and it scared me a bit. They really are great there. Having to take steroids for a few days, but overall was relieved to find that everything else was ok..just my system may need some assistance with this flare ups inflammation. Stress has been pretty high lately and so I can’t really be too surprised I guess for a bigger attack like this. Just something I’ll have to get through, and work to better process those stressful aspects.

Honestly too it was nice to hear from the attending Dr there that it is becoming more medically accepted now through actual research that the Paleo-like diet like what I’ve been on for 8+ years is being admitted to actually being helpful for MS patients. When I had researched it originally years ago, most would scoff at it rather than think someone could do what they could with lifestyle changes to try and diminish instances of extra inflammation in their bodies.

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