Dear Human kind,

Dear Human Kind,
Hi there, hope you are doing well. I’d like to make a small humble request. I’d really love for there to be a respite from all the anger, hate, and violence. I think we all could use the break. It would be so cool for us to move forward as a species…. instead of backwards. Instead of holding on to old grudges, biases, and old mentalities, and instead of limiting ourselves to believing there would only be “one right way” of doing things. I wish we could be far less simple minded.

What if we faithfully accepted that we don’t actually have to prove our worth (nor should we require it from others).What if we understood that our humanity is worth enough… when we actually use it.

What if we understood that the truth is, that we don’t really need to get caught up in being “better” or “worth” more than other humans at all… because improving ourselves doesn’t actually ever require having any other person to consider “inferior”.

What if we more correctly adhered to the simple idea of encouraging people to focus far more on “proving” our own “character” instead? What if we actually accepted what we’ve been taught from a young age… to not judge a book by its cover… nor a person by their position. That our actions speak louder than words, and that when we build up those around us, it actually improves the chances for a healthier whole.

Imagine the amount of peace that could come into our day to day lives at simply not being so overly opinionated about others lives and what others “should do” or should “believe in”. What if we didn’t all have to be the same to be accepted?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get over the egos of so quickly choosing hate or negative thoughts whenever presented with something we don’t understand, or appreciate.

Human kind…take a breather. Is actually ok to not already have an opinion on subjects you don’t know much about. You aren’t required to have a “stand” on every single issue. Its ok to admit you might need to research a little about something (before you present an opinion). Its ok to not know the answer. Emotion doesn’t always equal truth. Your “side” is not always “in the right”.

Mostly, I’m tired.. just as I know that many of us are. Simply it would just be amazing to have some good news to share.. some kind of hope that we finally understand that we are one people… that we could be unified in – at the very least – believing in the possibility of a better tomorrow. In believing that human kind can be far more than it is now… and that we are capable.

Thanks for the chat…


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