Is it really “the way it is”… or is it laziness?

I guess what really kind of gets to me is just the understanding that in reality there was human effort, and resources far before there was ever the notion of “currency”. The attitude that money is the only resource, and has to be the center of everything we do seems so incorrect to me, when there was life before it’s creation.

The same is true when you try to have a conversation with someone, and they give you a “knowing” nod, and then just tell you that unfortunately thats just the “way it is”.

I understand being realistic, and obviously nothing is perfect, but apathy is not something I can support.  I thoroughly detest simply just accepting flawed processes that are currently in place and resigning to just let “what is” continue on, because to change would be “too difficult” to implement. It seems people have become resistant to putting forth positive effort. We’re given a thousand and one excuses why we should just “deal with it”, but what ever happened to the thought of improving things? Are you really going to tell me you truly believe that there is absolutely nothing that could be done any different…… that you think we’ve already found the “best possible” method, and so should stop trying?

Why cling so tightly to “the way its always been”? Has it really done that well by you? Has the “way its always been” actually been fair, or decent? What about it merits such fervent loyalty?

I just don’t agree that we’ve already come up with the “best possible” solutions… I’ve seen examples what communities with diverse positions can do if only given the chance. They aren’t the entertaining things championed by news.. but they do happen.

The attitude I feel so often coming from others is not one where they can claim to have exhausted all possibilities.. its typically one more centered in apathy, fear and laziness to do anything different.


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