What if we finally washed that window? What if we get real?


I wish I could write up some profound thing that would just inspire people to take time out and really research and think about what kind of attitudes they want to promote in this country of ours. What kind of things we want passed onto our children. How different would things be if we were to remove all the grime and glitter that politics presents and get down to plain being real. What if we finally washed that window and focused on what really matters and the things that make a difference?

Its so important to understand that nothing changes in this world if we don’t choose it. To understand that if it really matters to our future, we shouldn’t just sit back and expect that someone else in power will automatically just make good decisions for all of us. Not without us speaking up, or making it known how things affect our daily lives. Our lives, our future isn’t our parents or someone else’s responsibility. Its time for us to drive. We have to be open and honest and plain grow up. Just like with every interaction we have, If we don’t speak up, how are they to supposed to know? When in reality the lives we lead, and the lives most our “officials” lead are so very different? Is it really ok to be so idle? is it really ok to be so apathetic about our own lives and the lives of those around us? How long are we content to sit in the back seat and just be “along for the ride”?

In the end, what is it we actually want here? Do we want a greater good? Do we want America to be prosperous as a whole or for only parts of it to work? Do we want success to be able to be obtained by the majority of our people, or are we quietly fine with allowing money to dominate so that we keep privilege limited to a few. (Secretly in the hopes that some day, if we ever reach that level, that we’ll personally be able to bask in the glory we perceive as being so far ahead, and somehow better than those around us?)

This is a serious and genuine question. Is your focus centered solely on you… or on all of US? It takes a village… What are you willing to do to make sure that what you believe is actively and honestly reflected in the choices you make? Actually reflected by the people you vote for? That the officials have our entire citizenship’s best interest in mind?

Yes it takes a little work to make sure what we believe and who we choose to vote for coincide, but if you really care, what is the alternative? Is it in any way honorable to be so half-hearted in your convictions?  To elect those who don’t have an interest in making a real difference in the things that would support and improve our people to be collectively better?

Ask yourself, Is it really right that money determines so much? For far too long its been used as a measure of a man. We were brought up believing “The American Dream”, that if you work hard and were responsible, that you would find success. In reality that is not a reliable formula.

I’ve seen far too many instances where plain “working hard” and being respectable and responsible does not actually ensure any sort of financial stability. We act as if it is the formula to being able to actually take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but in all honesty its not. In reality luck, and being in the right place at the right time has a good deal of influence on our level of success. Our extended effort, though it can allow us to take pride in what we’ve done,  doesn’t actually guarantee anything when it comes to stability. Being good and respectful and responsible people doesn’t always ensure there is food on the table. There is more noble work in this world than just merely doctors and lawyers, yet that is what we encourage our kids to go towards if they want to have a decent income. Some people should be Doctors and Lawyers… but not everyone.

Community minded people know that it takes all walks of life for us to be effective as a whole. We are all cogs in the process, no matter how “little” we believe our part is. Every job matters. We should value any time that is spent working, and we should wish for more to have the resources to do the work they are naturally geared to do.

When we have Veterens who come back and end up homeless, surely it becomes obvious that our level of actual care of others… even those who willingly risked their lives to protect us.. is sadly diminished. We should care about this! We should care about others! I see people shout about the evils of entitlement, and then incorrectly understand that there is a real difference between supporting advancement of society…. and entitlement.

We should care about what happens to our fellow man, and we should care to advance our society by getting past certain levels. We should worry far less that someone might get some kind of “undeserved” assistance in becoming a more stable, more involved and engaging citizen… and instead focus on the thought of how beneficial to our society it would actually be to have more of our population stable and able to start giving back. To put their energies into doing more than barely surviving. What things could we accomplish?

Point is…  it matters to speak up and not sit idly by… it matters to think about what is ahead and what could be… even when we are so commonly discouraged from becoming engaged in driving our own future. Don’t be silenced.

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