My Confused Prayer…

O God, Grant me the serenity to not completely dislike fellow Christians who use you as an excuse to give up and not be responsible, or as an excuse to hate on those who differ.. I feel my patience waning severely.

I feel like any relationship I may have with you is personal. I feel that for it to mean anything it has to be, because that is the only way it is genuine. I honestly don’t necessarily believe in every aspect as it is presented in the Bible, but I don’t feel like that fact makes me evil, not when love and care is what I feel is the most important forces in this world. I don’t believe in actively demeaning or demonizing anyone just because they have different thoughts or beliefs.. nationality or skin color.

In earnest I believe there is truth all around us,  and it is our job to seek it out. There is good and bad in everything, such is the result of anything with human influence.

I don’t know that I care for my beliefs to have to be labeled any longer, because at this moment I totally understand that the aspects of Christianity that I do whole-heartedly believe in, is no longer the prime directive expressed by those who profess the label most loudly. The integrity I once felt from having the label, is no longer present, because it doesn’t mean the same thing, nor does it mean its attached to someone bent on living up to being loving towards our neighbors as was commanded.

I know that I believe in love and caring towards one another…. I’m not  sure any label is currently describing that. I don’t think I need a faulty description, and I’m not sure what to do about it… or if this small fact even actually matters.


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