Mom.. I have something to tell you..

This is just a very sweet (to me) memory that I don’t want to forget….

This weekend I had been pretty sick with a head cold. Sicker than I’ve been in awhile, but Sunday I was feeling a little bit better and my youngest he asked me if he could talk to me for a minute. I said “of course” and he pulled me into the other room.

He said “Mom, I love you and there is something I want to tell you.”

“I want to tell you this, and I don’t want you to feel bad or old at all just because I know, but I actually figured out awhile ago that you guys are ‘Santa’. I just wanted to tell you, because I know you worry, and I didn’t want you to worry at all about having to come up with extra presents ‘from Santa’ this year.”

My heart melted…. maybe we’re doing an alright job  afterall.. ❤


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