Things our Politicians.. (and maybe some Americans) should realize…

You see, its not really about getting us to support you as a politician.. Its actually about you as an elected official supporting and serving our citizens.  So many seem to confuse the purpose of a political office as being “re-elected” rather than “making a real difference” like doing things that make our foundation of people stronger and more viable.

We were once told that we should  “Ask not what your country can do for you… but what you can do for your country” right? Well we the citizens are “Your Country”. In that same mentality, as citizens –  the health and well-being of ALL of our fellow citizens should matter to us. Our “Country” is made up of our citizenship. This is The United States of America not The United Dollars of America. If we are not good stewards of our country’s well being… meaning taking measures to protect our fellow citizen’s stability and well being… than we are no better than the politicians that fail us.


For me personally, politicians lose points every time they utter the word Republican or Democrat in either negative or positive context… (or any other party label for that matter).  The majority of the voters are out of High School and many citizens have moved beyond the limitation of petty cliques… politicians should too.  Consider this – If you are so wrapped up in constantly representing only half of the demographic, then you aren’t worth supporting because you are only interested in doing half of the job. The actual job description entails you represent America… not just a slice of it.  In reality we are more than just “red states” or “blue states”. This isn’t supposed to be a gang war. If you are not willing to represent us as a whole, then you are the one being unpatriotic.

In order to do a good job would mean that you would have to actually thoughtfully converse with those of different impressions than you. Its pretty simple to draw crowds and gain applause from those who agree with you, but an elected official has to be more than that.  In the real world finding truth is not always such a simple matter. Its not always so cut and dry that a single view can be totally right. Differing perspectives and point of views do deserve consideration, and the more you actually take into account different viewpoints, the better equipped you become at finding what is the actual more complete version of the truth.

This image might explain it better than words. Not sure who made this image originally, but it illustrates the point quite nicely.


Hard decisions will need to be made for a greater good. A greater good that benefits more than just your pocket book.  One that actually looks toward a future with healthy, renewable and stable practices. Pushing us towards that goal should be a priority.


Talk is cheap and flowery words mean next to nothing.

Politicians, If you are not able to present your actual plan of action when it comes to issues that affect our citizens, then you are not worth our support. If logic and science and credible unbiased sources is not taken seriously in formulating your plans, then you will not be taken seriously  when casting my vote. Having faith is great and all… but you aren’t God. You cannot work miracles, so actual facts and cooperation will need to be involved in the manifestation of “your will”.  No matter your personal faith – gravity and physics plainly still exist, ignoring them will not make them go away, nor make them any less real. If you truly believe that your God created all, then you therefore understand that God then created science to be a real “thing” for man to work with, a tool so that we can be better stewards of this world. To not use the tools God gave us is irresponsible. He gave us the capacity to learn for a reason. Had he wanted to limit our potential, he would have dismissed the idea of free will.


Before you jump on the bashing “Politically Correctness” train, just remember that in reality there is a real difference between being civil and showing respect through grace, and plain being “weak”.  In truth, it takes far more strength in personal character and resilience to engage in a civil and respectful debate with someone you don’t agree with, than it does to lay blame, demonize, or make derogatory statements about them or their point-of-view, or any other label attribute you affix to them.

People may applaud your “unbridled honesty” in stating your less than tactful opinions, but remember that even Hitler had people applauding him. There is an actual balance that needs maintained, and its far easier to achieve when you don’t get petty. It really is ok to have a different opinion, what matters most is that you are willing to at least have the conversation and try to understand the other side, and that you are willing to work together anyway. A wider understanding is always preferable than focusing intently on your own viewpoint. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

In honesty, taking offense is a personal choice Yes… However, being totally oblivious to others feelings or positions is not something to be celebrated, and is really not a useful trait of someone elected to represent a diverse group of people. Simply saying whatever, whenever because you can, doesn’t make you impressive. Calling names, or putting down a person because you don’t agree with their point of view, their origins, or what they look like is childish.

State your opinion… fine.. but do so in a way that you aren’t being a tacky “Mean Girls” star.