Observation RE: Personal Rights vs Public Safety

Listened to disagreement regarding some frustrations about what all goes into simply getting on a plane these days.  It wasn’t my argument, but it did make me think a little.

My observations was… that like with most things, even the gun control stuff I’ve harped on over the last two weeks, its important to remember that the initial implementation is generally out of a desire for good, before it gets taken over board or exploited. We can never know what airline tragedies has been prevented by their sometimes “annoying” processes, just like if deeper gun control background checks get implemented… we will never know what tragedies were prevented there.. and that could be the point.

Could there be better processes?

Most likely….  we must always look to improve what we have, but at the same time we should give value to the fact that most processes weren’t made up just with the intention of simply hurting personal rights or trying to offend, they came about because something pretty hefty happened.

In the end I think the lesson is that it is always tricky balancing personal rights and public protection. Us living with others requires us have to take other peoples rights and safety into consideration, not just our own.

Any sound and decent process will be a balance of the two, meaning that there will be give and take involved for both sides.  Too much emphasis on either side is detrimental. It has to be a sensible balance of the two.

If we care for what is best for all,  it needs to be that balance that we desire to find.