Local embarrassment…

This is a facebook post put up by a very good friend of mine. The pictures are taken from people who picketed the streets when President Obama came to Roseburg today.  Notice for a second the subject matter of their signs.. not exactly things that have to do with the slaying of those 9 individuals killed last week.

… and Obama is being the one accused of “using the event” to promote his own agenda?

*shakes head*


I definitely concur with my friend’s frustration.

It is embarrassing and incredibly sad. This attitude that its “offensive” for him to meet with the families is ridiculous. The way normal people get to know what other people are going through is to reach out and communicate with them. If we want elected officials to remain in touch with what “normal” citizens are going through, its pretty important that such interactions occur. To question why these interactions should occur is plain nonsense. These families should have this opportunity to let the President know directly what they think and feel about what has happened. If they disagree with him.. then it becomes an even better opportunity to be heard by him right?

Lets be logical.

The Presidency is a political office. It is part of a President’s specific job to help develop federal policies that govern our nation. People being “offended” that a President would speak about something terrible that happened in our country, or would want to work on developing federal policies or want to encourage things that in his mind that would improve the existing policies that we have is kind of ludicrous. Its like they either don’t understand what his job is, or more likely – they are so blinded by their own political bias and practice of demonizing all that don’t agree with them, that it somehow becomes “justified” to be “offended” over him bringing up something to be discussed.

Our nation and these families don’t need our personal political “BS” opinions right now. Put down your pitchforks. Let them grieve, let them have their communication with the President who was willing to come see them. They don’t need us interjecting. Regardless what you “assume” his motives are, its kind of dumb to deny them their chance to be heard.

He stated he wanted to encourage conversations on the topic. That is part of supporting democracy. Instead of being afraid, maybe write up your well formulated point of view and actually send it off to your congress person like the President suggested. He suggested that to all citizens, not just those that “agreed” with him. Lets get over trying to demonize every step. Civil debate is needed to keep our rights and freedoms safe. Him expressing his desire for actual conversations and action to happen to minimize the occurrence of these tragedies is not offensive to those who actually care about our nations health and future.


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