Dangerous Perceptions…

Dangerous Perceptions

I heard someone actually say that we wouldn’t have these issues if everyone carried a gun…. If more guns were carried by more individuals in public places….. and they were serious.

For the second time this week, I thought of a comic to show the problem with that logic. In the end, even the most good natured / virtuous / heroic people respond purely based on their limited perception. We are only human.. we all can make mistakes, especially when we don’t have all the information available.. things can look quite different than what is truth.. and anyone can make that mistake.

No.. I don’t think this issue can be resolved so simply… this isn’t a matter of just having everyone “armed and ready”, its not a matter of having all guns banned. Its not even completely about guns.. mental health management plays a part, as does plain encouraging our young to love and appreciate life, and be caring towards others.  NO… there is no easy answer.. but its important that we don’t just let this get ignored.

There are multiple things that lead into these tragedies.. we need to be willing to talk about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT involved with this.  Its dangerous for us to perceive that any real answer would be that simple… and its dangerous for us to give up on wanting change to happen before it can even begin. We should care enough to want to try to make better tomorrows.


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