Apathy… its a killer

Made a mistake and logged into facebook this morning just to check out what was going on.  It gets frustrating sometimes how apathetic and stagnant people are. Its disheartening.

You see all these memes with the same old positions.. and people simply don’t desire resolution if it requires putting any effort into it at all. They really don’t want to even have the conversation.

Talking? What?  Discussing? Seriously? No way that anything outside of the way we’ve always done it could possibly work….Its obviously unpatriotic to suggest things should change…..  Obviously anyone wanting to think about new methods means that they don’t value the “sanctity” of what our forefathers worked for.. This is America!  Things don’t need improving, people need improving..   What? support programs that would encourage healthy improvement in everyday people’s lives?…  Support mental health?… surely that will cost too much.. those people should get a job and stop leeching it from the government..  those are my tax dollars at work…

all.. thirty-seven… dollars of it…><

Its always someone elses responsibility, but if “someone else” offers up a thought that requires people to lift a finger….. or even open their heart and mind to talking about or thinking something from a different viewpoint.. that seems to be too much. It seems that its simply too hard to be open minded for many. Its too difficult to think outside of the way “we’ve always known”, and entertain the idea that there may be actual ways to work through issues that could be better than what we’ve “always done”…but no.. nothing outside of “what I believe” could possibly work.

I had this idea for a comic.. and originally I was going to try and draw it, but I found a website that would let me build it instead.

This is how I kinda feel about people and their recent responses at the moment..


They seem to rather kiss their guns goodnight, than to be involved in engaging in having any kind of level headed conversations. Content to believe that everything is so black and white, seeming to believe that its all or nothing.. that the only adjustment that could possibly be made would have to obviously mean “taking them all away”…

To be honest I’m rather disappointed in people. Apathy continues to slow us from improving as a species. Why do we choose to remain so simple minded? Is it really that hard to have a civil conversation in order to seek improved solutions?