Sincere question for Gun owners

Because no remedy is ever found without communication, I’m just wondering.

These questions are meant for learning, not putting people down. Not being one, I’m curious what Gun owners actually think. I would very much like for our people to be able to come to some sort of cooperative conclusion, because the way things currently are  – is simply not working. It would seem if we get over the panic that some kind of compromise could be made. 

If we put aside the whole “panic” over “losing” your second amendment right… lets try and find some common ground.

  1.  Could we agree that because of the nature of guns, that really only sane and responsible individuals should have access to them?
  2. What would be acceptable to you in changing laws to include restrictions so that mentally unstable people don’t have quite as easy of access to guns? If not then why?
  3. Are more stringent background checks really that much of a problem?
  4. Would having to wait a bit longer to purchase a gun really be that big of a deal?  I get that its an inconvenience, but sometimes isn’t a one-time responsible inconvenience worth it?
  5. How many guns does the average gun owner have?
  6. What is the reasons for citizens to own military style guns?
  7. In your household, how much emphasis do you personally put on gun safety? If you have someone in your house that is going through a hard time, does it change the level of security you keep your gun at? Do you think about how easy it would be for your children / children’s friends to get  ahold of a gun?