Seriously.. let it go!

It makes me want to cry sometimes how much people seem to WANT to hate. How much they support it. How much division they seem to want for there to be making sure to label everyone rather than just talking and getting to know others. How much “control” they seem to take in thinking that their “opinion” should impact how a stranger lives, loves, and prays.. what level of rights or respect they believe a stranger doesn’t “deserve” because they aren’t exactly like them.

Its so sad. I don’t care what your religion, nationality, skin color, orientation, political side or where you live. If you care about those things.. seriously please challenge yourself to figure out why. What is it in your being that prevents you from caring about someone elses suffering. What in you determines that just because someone differs from you, that they are not worthy to be included in the golden rule.

Its not healthy to be this petty. Books can’t be judged by their cover, yet we are dumb enough to think people can be? People are so complex, and cannot be explained away by your labels. Labels are the lazy way out. The only way you know anything about anyone is communicating with them directly as an individual, or getting to know their character over-time but so many would rather assume rather than extend an invitation and open a dialogue.

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