#IStandwithAhmed and weep for CJ’s hatred

I long to live in a world where people are judged by their merits and how they use their talents..not by labels and stereotypes. A world where people challenge their own biases and strive to improve themselves first – and enlighten themselves by actually getting to really know people of their community.. and people of their world. Doing that rather than blindly working under the assumption that they could know anything about a stranger merely from the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the religion they practice. Lets hope that the next generation is far brighter than we are. Lets hope that at some point we can start being the role-models our kids deserve, and that we always work to encourage intelligence and innovation in our young. They are our future. ‪#‎IStandWithAhmed‬

I think The Doctor is right…  “Why can’t I meet a decent species?   Planet of the pudding brains.” I can’t begin to understand people sometimes.

I was pretty proud of people for a bit the day before yesterday, when so many rallied to let a young boy whose teacher let her own personal bias over his race/religion control her imagination and make something out to be something it wasn’t at all. Why are we so stupid? Luckily it restored my faith in people that the majority were pretty willing to stand up for Ahmed.

Then came the people who don’t seem to care about the details of what had happened, and only desired to make it fit their political agenda.  Seriously guys.. this isn’t about your dramatized political rhetoric.

Posts on facebook and everywhere popped up where people started condemning the President for his audacity in inviting this 14 year old to the white house. Their issue… he’s muslim.  Comments like “he didn’t get invited because of science”

Ya think? Well Duh!

No its not only because of science. He got invited because he is a part of what is considered a minority in this country (even though his religion is the fourth largest in the United States) and was wrongly accused.  He had been accused of a being malicious threat BECAUSE of his teacher’s personal bias towards his skin color/religion, and that is wrong. His intentions were to share his interests with his teacher, and she freaked out instead.

No “bright ones”.. It would have taken a lot more than a small homemade clock to garner public attention had Ahmed not gotten arrested. Without winning a science fair with an amazing invention, or building a nuclear reactor in your garage.. had his arrest not happened, he probably wouldn’t have been invited out. But that is not the point.

Reason #1  He got invited to set an example to the American people that we should not be so quick to judge. To highlight for some that for a fact, there are individuals that are brown and/or muslim (pick your bias), that in truth aren’t actually evil, and aren’t here to “destroy this country”, and that do have intelligence.

Reason #2 The second reason was to show Ahmed that not everyone in America is out to get him merely because of his skin color and religion. To not let this teacher/school’s knee-jerk reaction to their own bias, get him down because it wasn’t his fault they hold those grudges. To encourage him to keep striving to learn and do something with himself DESPITE idocy around him.

Muslim/Islam is not terrorism. Don’t be so simple minded.

Whats more frustrating about this is that it introduced me to a young CJ Pearson who already at such a young age is tainted by political nonsense. He made a  youtube video about how horrible it is that Obama would do such a thing in inviting Ahmed to the white house.

His thoughts in his video were all over the place. Started off being about that it wasn’t right that a muslim Ahmed was invited, then went on to talk about how its Obama’s fault for fallen police officers deaths, and then onto complaining basically how inept the president is.  It was more about being as mad as he could possibly be.

First of all there is absolutely nothing wrong with the president to inviting Ahmed to the White House. There is nothing wrong with him encouraging kids to be interested in science. I’m curious as to why  this particular kid didn’t make an “outraged” video when Taylor Wilson, the white kid who made a nuclear reactor in his garage got to meet the president. Nor In 2013 Obama met with a whole lot of kids who were science fair winners in Miami… was there an issue with that?   We need our kids to be better than us. We need our kids to be able to see past people’s differences and be more real than biased.

It honestly made me kind of sick to my stomach to see the few people that seem to just eat it up and celebrate this kids hatred. Its like they want to be angry, so they will take any possible thing they can and turn it into a cry-fest. Thats such a miserable way to live!

To each their own opinion I guess. We’ll have to agree to disagree… and I just have to take my own advice and “consider the source” and realize that if you are someone so that easily blinded by small differences in people, and willing to follow people who appreciate discourse.. that I won’t be able to take anything you say all that serious.

Plain and simple, assuming biases is what initiated this all in the first place. The kid was arrested because his teacher let her bias create a problem that wasn’t real. To me its rather sad that no teacher at that school was intelligent enough to look at that simple device and know what it was.. and it was basic electronic parts, the school’s computer IT people could have probably even figured it out.

What kind of world are we trying to encourage here? Would we rather a bright young man get tainted by someone elses hate and assumptions and totally discourage him? Or even worse.. have him decide “what is the point in doing something positive” when “everyone” automatically expects negatives from him?  Its honestly in societies best interest for us to encourage all kids to stop pretending as if someone’s skin color, religion, or orientation tells you anything reliable about a person. Its time for us to get real and stop buying into nonsense.
I’m aware that people like to blame Obama for anything and everything they possibly can. Heck, there was a survey recently where people blamed Obama for mismanagement of relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina….thing was he wasn’t even president then. Its all gotten pretty old.

This CJ Pearson is reacting to one issue as if it had anything at all to do with what he wants to complain about. He says its Obama’s fault because some of our police and military personnel got shot. Seriously? Was he there? Did Obama pull the trigger? No. Get over yourself child. I guess there is hope in the fact that you are still a child, and life still has opportunity to teach you that it takes more than pointing fingers to get things done, and life doesn’t have to be such a circus. There is life after highschool dramatics..

Its interesting to me how if anyone says anything about gun control, that the stand point is always a very knowing “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people”… yet if “Obama” can be blamed we are fully ok to skip blaming the people who actually pulled the triggers, and decide that those criminals “would have never done that if Obama <insert complaint here>.

The plain truth is criminals shoot police, military personnel, because of themselves and their own hatred… not because Obama “allowed them”. I guess Obama could take away our right to bear arms…. oh except he can’t.. and hasn’t. Want to blame him because we still have access to guns? People should be held accountable for their own actions.. yet so much time is spent pointing fingers at everyone else. Its an incredibly dim outlook to pretend that tragedies such of these never occurred “before Obama”. I get that people don’t like the president. I don’t necessarily agree with every single choice he’s made, but I’m not going to buy into hating just to hate, Nor am I going to get riled up that someone of a different religion/color/orientation gets a bit of encouragement, especially when they had been so wrongly accused of something pretty serious.

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