Political truth in advertising…

I find it frustrating when politicians feel the need to be dis-genuine and insincere with even how they present themselves. Sincerity is something I really value, and that is why this just annoys the crap out of me.


Seriously… Why Jeb?  Is the right question… just why?

I’m sorry there are vanity issues at play for you to where you are uncomfortable with your stature, and want to look more beefy.. exercise can help with that… but that is no our issue. Being superimposed on top of an colored man’s more impressive body, does nothing to help encourage our country to stop and get down to business (which it severely needs to do at some point.) Nor does it convince me that you are the man for the job. Infact for me it honestly discredits your overall merit. Willing to basically lie over something so unneeded, makes me doubt your decision making skills.

I think its time politicians stopped pandering to things that don’t really matter. Vanity, pride, money, etc…  Time they stopped listening to money, and started actually caring about pushing forth progress for our nation. I get tired of politicians caring more about where their money is coming from than doing the job they were nominated to do…  Just a thought…

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