The heritage that really matters…

A post mostly in response to rants I’ve seen on facebook and other social media regarding the removal of the confederate flag from national buildings. People freaking out over “OMG Whats next?” O.o! Maybe we need to slow down, step back and decide what we value first before we cry over the fact that things change. Is it really in our best interest to value stagnant material symbolism over the principals our history has taught us?

Regarding the position of a flags removal means we’re “losing our Civil War heritage”

It might be time to identify the pieces of our heritage that actually matter…

If only it were ever that easy to just “delete” things in our past, but in reality its not, so I find it hard to get too riled up about this topic. I find that its more peoples reaction to this topic that creates hyperbole and fuels this fire for this topic to continue on – far more then the gravity of the simple act of them removing a flag that reminds most people of a desire to divide and be separate as a nation from a few federal buildings (buildings mind you whose general goal is to instill a sense of single national pride and solidarity.. are we really deciding to be offended?).

Even if its not “technically” what that specific flag was originally meant for (which is what I’ve seen a few people post “educational” videos on in the past week) separation and civil unrest it is what society has “advertised” that flag as being about for so long that it has become the main part of its what it conveys to the average onlooker who isn’t steeped in historical facts. Had our southern ancestors cared a bit more, they may have worked a bit harder to keep the flag’s public perceived meaning smaller and more concise to its original meaning, but that is not what happened.  Maybe our ancestors didn’t worry too much about how it began to be “viewed” that way because they didn’t mind it taking on the additional meaning, or… maybe.. just maybe they weren’t that worried about it because it was just a material emblem of their past that they were moving on from and not really the center of the heritage they actually wanted to pass on and have their children cling to.

In truth, its not the piece of cloth that deserves reverence at all. Its not even the Civil War we should celebrate, or which side your family were on that pride should be taken in. It’s the growth that came out of it that matters. The upholding and respecting of the lessons learned from the event that matters most, not a mere physical reminder of it.. It’s the actual PRINCIPLES that matter! The victors of that encounter felt that discrimination and slavery had no place in our nation’s future. That is a principle I hope to honor and pass on for the betterment of this country.. an this world.

It honors our heritage far more to actually learn and grow from our past, not become stagnent by staying in it. To internally acknowledge the rights and wrongs that occurred and make things better for our children’s future. Thats what our ancestors wanted for us right? To take any past mistakes made, and strive to not repeat them. That gives far more merit to our heritage than flying a simple piece of cloth.

That gives our ancestor’s lives and deaths more meaning, by making the progress they fought for matter. By having their life experiences make  a difference in who we are and what we promote in this world around us.

That is the only heritage worthy of being up in arms about.