To a better place..


Sometimes I think it would be amazing to start anew. To help build a real world community from the ground up, where there main rules would simply be respect. To be able to have real conversations, where even if you disagree, that people could find it in themselves to not be petty, or degrade or demonize over differences, but to explore them and encourage everyone to continually challenge our own beliefs. To consider that maybe there are points that we ourselves have not given enough attention, and to help each other grow and mature. A place where smart people realize the good things that actually come from being exposed to diversity. In reality if you want to effectively progress, you need diversity.

We don’t have to be totally blind to differences in order to treat each other with respect. But we do need to challenge personal biases, and remove this notion that one aspect of any given person could encompass every bit of their being, and that they could ever be defined and categorized by that one thing.That is plain stupid, and its a stupidity that seems to be blindly accepted and celebrated daily with the consistent use of blanket labels in our news headlines and social media.  Its sickening.

Anytime you can justify having an opinion of a complete strangers intentions or personal character without knowing the actual individual, that should be a huge red flag that you may have some personal biases at work. Any “opinion” you have of a stranger, is the product of some small piece of information and whatever bias you personally have associated with that aspect that they happen to have… be it race, gender, religion, etc.

I get discouraged sometimes by what people post on facebook and social media, things where they are looking to be offended at every turn it seems. They are fine to be offended themselves, but when others become offended over some point, rather than talking it out, so often they’d rather point the other party out as being a cry baby. How fickle we are. Why do we do this? How is this not seen as completely selfish?

Why does humanity desire such chaos? I wonder sometimes if the more advanced we get in making things easier and more convenient, if somehow we’ve somewhere along the way forgotten to improve ourselves in the process too. There is a real gap between our evolving technology and the rate of growth in human attitudes. So much child-like behavior is on constant display.. .

There seems to be this constant desire to point fingers of blame and hate at groups different than ourselves, regardless of where you are from. So many don’t seem to understand the real nonsense involved in so much of what they post on social media, and they come off as absolutely clueless as to what is being implied, or what faults of logic exist in articles and broadcasted opinions they re-post for others to see.

This isn’t rocket science. Plain and simple all people are individuals and should be responsible and held accountable for what they themselves do… not the sins of their fathers, or the transgressions of people who read the same books, or went to a similar type churchs or schools, or have similar coloring.

Perceptions are as unique as snowflakes, and people base their actions and beliefs upon their own unique view of the world.

People claim they understand the simple point that every person is different, and that each individual has a unique perception of this world…. yet in practice they seem to forget whenever the next “news” stories comes out. The known lesson becomes buried again as interactions go back to generalizing the situation and pointing fingers at a whole group based on an applied social label. Muslims, Christians, Black, White, Hispanic, <insert sports team>-fan, etc.

And then they defend this mentality of generalization…. How can people not feel or see this is wrong?

Its laziness. I guess this mentality is convenient and easier than actually holding any single person accountable for their own actions….  and only their own actions. I guess blaming them for what problems they’ve inherited, or problems someone with some aspect similar to them became known for can be easier… but its not right. Not correct, not just, not fair, and not intelligent on our part.

The older I get, the harder time I have accepting this. People I’ve been brought up taught to respect as virtuous, show off unbridled biases on public stages, and don’t even bat an eye over it. They bring out memes and post articles that based off what they’ve previously claimed to internally believe… is quite contradictory.

Its so frustrating and I find myself often wanting to point out discrepancies, and beg them to really read, hear, and think about what they post… but to what avail? People have to be inspired to do better for any personal change to take hold and I’m not sure pointing them out publicly on social media is the best way to go about it…. yet there is damage done by sitting idly by and allowing our children to actually think that hateful blanket attitudes toward others different from them is at all acceptable.