Scapegoat Syndrome

I get that there are those in this country that get a rush from hating on the president so much, and that they strive to turn every possible event into firewood for their own sick hatred fire, but at some point I wish these people would grow a pair and get over themselves and start refocusing their dramatic energies on actually making the positive difference they claim to want for this world.

Stop wasting everyone’s time. Our society is what we make it, stop looking for scapegoats. Change things by being more real and understanding that demonizing people from other cultures, religions nationalities and races only reflects how limited our own understanding is. Try understanding that despite (and maybe actually because of) our differences, the people of this world could accomplish amazing things, if we’d stop being so self-absorbed to care.

Real life is not as clear cut as good vs evil. There unfortunately is good and evil in us all, and if you can’t even come to terms with that, then your efficiency as a problem solver is severely diminished. Real Life isn’t a comic book, stop treating real life like its a dramatized afterschool special.

I know its easier to point fingers and lay blame, or to decide someone is the devil incarnate rather than having to be reasonable ourselves, and make vested efforts to work through issues where we need to intelligently and justly interact with someone with a differing opinion, but seriously what are we afraid of?

I know that in most 1st world countries, survival of the fittest is long gone, but what does it say about us when we get so caught up “keeping things the same”  and trying to keep everyone in the state of living in the past instead of adapting to the what is real in today’s  ever-changing world. Hiding in the past will not keep us from having to deal with it. We cannot hide with our tail between our legs forever. At some point we have to be open enough to challenge our own thoughts and beliefs in order to be more effective as people.