I’m not sure that means what you think it means…

I sometimes think that things don’t always mean what we think they mean….

Maybe the importance of being God-like is not about copying what any specific “God” has done, and staunchly admonishing anything else. Maybe its not about forcing others to believe you are right, and understanding your view.. maybe its more “God-like” to listen and be aware of what all is out there.. maybe being open to the idea of gaining more knowledge through trying to understand rather than going off of assumptions.

Maybe its more “God-like” to build bridges rather than walls… to include, instead of exclude.. to want solutions rather than being content to lay blame..  What if actually it is for us to transcend.. to become larger than ourselves.. to be more aware and actually understand different views. To understand we’re all only human, and so is every person on this planet, and to know enough to allow them that dignity rather than place judgement based off a single aspect of their being.  I know I’m personally more than one small detail… why should I decide to think I “know” anything about you based of one small piece of information?

Maybe its more about striving to make a positive change for ourselves and others. Maybe its about providing inspiration, faith and hope where there had once been none. Maybe its less about arguing things as if there was only one answer, and instead listening and understanding views outside of our own that enable actual cooperation for the real health and betterment of the whole world.  What if being God-like didn’t require you to subscribe to single entity.. What if “God-like” instead simply showed in our character and nature towards others… expressing positive and helpful attitudes that are far too rare..

To me.. that is God-like..

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