Lets not encourage continued discrimination…

A frustrating thing I notice in reporting today is they often place emphasis on details that distract from the simple facts that matters most. To me pure and simple, the fact that someone tragically lost their life, and that the offender is being found/dealt with is the only real pieces that matter.  Unless I’m being instructed to help locate the specific individual, I don’t need to know their race or other affiliations. 

Beyond self-defense, or protection of others from immediate fatal threat, there is absolutely no reason that warrants taking another’s life.  Differences in race, religion, theocracy, culture, gender, orientation are simply not good enough reasons to a rational person. Anyone who would use those reasons as a justification is of obvious limited/unstable mental capacity, and that is really all I need to know about them. From a logical stand point, no other details are really all that helpful.  Their character is known through their actions, not through what race, religion or orientation they are “labeled” as.

I think these distracting details being used by “journalists” these days is a crutch. It is hurtful rather than helpful in getting our society over this hang up over being different from each other. Pardon the expression, but in reality, this world we live in is not simply a collection of “black hats and white hats.”  In reality, people aren’t totally good or evil, and demonizing an entire group of people based on one similarity they share is foolish. These kind of blanket assumptions that we allow to come to play in ourselves, and that we promote to others is an ineffective method of knowing anything about any person.

A great percentage of our society still lives in a self-induced double standard. They preach open-mindedness and acceptance and love, but then actually practice discrimination.

They post and re-post “news” in order to somehow “prove” to the world that they or their “group” is somehow superior, by pointing negatives in others. They allow themselves to be uninformed, and become content to react to sound bites verses understanding the context of something presented. Then to set themselves apart from “people like that” they highlight whatever differences they can, no matter how unrelated those differences are in regards to the story being reported. When you get down to it subconsciously, that is the honest reason behind reporting things this way, and its simply a tactic that people use to feel better about themselves (or their “group” or claimed “label”), and to me that is sick in its own right. We should call ourselves on this ploy and not prolong this idiocy. We should desire our society to actually progress as a whole.

To be blunt, discrimination is for the uneducated and unrealistic and is the epitome of laziness.  We’re given the tools to figure this out. For example there is no scientific evidence that supports that the percentage of pigmentation of your skin causes you to have a certain mental state or level of morality.  Most people are taught from the time we are little, that all people are unique and different. We are shown through fairy tales and life experience and even science that our physical being doesn’t necessarily match the level of beauty in ones heart.  History shows valiant and noble men and women coming from all different backgrounds. Why then do we not take these “learned” truths seriously? Why do we buy into attitudes of discrimination, and why do we promote them? How is discrimination of any race/religion/orientation/nationality/etc ever supposed to fall at the wayside with other ignorant and archaic beliefs, if we keep it forefront? 

At this stage in our society, I believe it is harmful when media points out unneeded information.  I feel like it only serves to extend the occurrence of personal stigmatisms and stereotypes when we treat those “side details” as if they had any actual reasonable value in alerting us as to what to watch out for in others (when they absolutely do not). It wouldn’t be a problem if people were consistent in re-examining their own beliefs often and updating them from time to time, but we haven’t yet made that be something “important”. We are prideful and stubborn and never want to admit we may have ever been wrong about something we believed. Society is riddled with many that never force there to be any reconciliation between what they internally believe and what they externally claim.  We claim to want our society to become enlightened and accepting towards others, yet when bad things happen, we so often seem to make such a point in bringing up things that make someone “different then us” rather than focusing on the despicable action itself. We focus on details that don’t matter that stunts our societies growth.

What does this say about us? Do people enjoy the drama more than they enjoy the truth?  

 When we choose to judge a book by its cover, or to allow ourselves the belief that one experience (or pseudo-experience via a story posted somewhere) is enough to judge an entire group of people, that does not show the mark of one who is enlightened.

We are all responsible for our own personal character, and our own personal character is shown in the actions we take and the attitudes we extend and support.  This means that when we choose to write such poorly constructed “journalism”, or even re-post it on social media for others to see, we ourselves are exhibiting destructive tendencies towards our society. We become part of the problem, actually supporting societies stagnant blanket discrimination rather than enlightening people about what truth really is….. That people are far more than just what they are labeled. We instead are just catering to someone else’s hateful agenda.

I personally do not wish to be a part of that. If You ever see me post or re-post a story anywhere that supports this type discriminatory attitude towards any labeled group… Please do me a favor and call me on it, because that is not the energy I want promote in this world, and is definitely not what I want to be known for.

Am I the only one?

I’m kind of curious, if I’m the only one who thinks that it is ridiculous to be so opinionated and hold hate just because someone has a different opinion over what happens to you after you die? Why is it so important to force someone to think the same way you do?