The importance of a moment..


There are lots of moments in this life that we are brought up looking forward to. From the very start we seem encouraged to be anxious and in a hurry.. its like we keep waiting for our life to begin… for things to be good and for events to come make us happy.

If only I was 5, then I could go to school..
If only I was 18, then I could be out of school..
If only I was 21, then I could be legal..
If only I’d meet my soulmate..
If only it was my wedding day..
If only this baby was ready to be born…
If only…

The society that we live in, everything is quicker, faster, easier. We push push push because there are things to do.. We don’t have time to wait.

These days there is  so much personal struggle. We’re all in such a hurry to get somewhere, and yet quite often so many of us feel so very lost. Happiness seems elusive and hidden. There is a definite problem with how we see things, how we perceive. So many times we’ve missed the forest for the trees.

We miss the whole point.

We all “know” that we should make the effort to slow down. To actually live our lives.. to appreciate what we have, and who we’ve been given to spend it with. Yet.. we’re all still in this perpetual rush. Most of us know in our heads that happiness comes from actually appreciating and living in the present.. but we rarely do. We do not give this specific moment the attention it actually deserves. We don’t actually have “forever” to work with, but we behave as though we do.

Why is it we often “know” but don’t actually live using the lessons we’ve supposedly learned. We know what is right, but we continue down the path we’ve chosen anyway.

This week I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of things can happen in a moment. A moment can be so pinnacle yet so often we minimize a moments importance. Gotta Go.. Gotta Hurry…Gotta rush.. got to get to the next moment …….that we then also ignore.

At 10:30 on Thursday Sept 25th, my Grandfather was resting… a moment later he was gone forever. That is a tremendous difference. The difference in a moment and the very next can be huge.

Moments deserve to be paid attention to.

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