Blessed at 98% ….

Thankful… Long story short, January 17th I noticed some light sensitivity, and an area in my vision that had become murky and darker. It was just a small area, and honestly I’d had the issue a few years back and it kind of just went away after a week or so.

I had that weekend, so tried to just rest my eyes, but by January 20th I had entirely lost the vision in my right eye. This had never happened to me before. I went into see the eye doctor, and they told me it was my MS flaring up in the form of Optic Neuritis.

The options are generally a choice between two methods. One is to let it wear off, and that after roughly 3 months I should have my vision (or as much of it that I’d get back) likely returned, or to try a high steroid treatment that would last for 3 days that would try and force the body to work quicker. The issue with that, the doctor said (aside from being costly), was that research had shown that its only really useful if used within the first day or so that symptoms were first noticed.

By the time I saw him, I was nearing the 4th day, so it may not have been helpful. There were also some other cautions he offered about how the steroid treatment would affect me in other ways, and told me that at this point if I decided on the treatment, that it may not even really help.

To be honest, I was kind of relieved that it wasn’t the prime option, and I opted to wait it out rather than pay for an expensive procedure that might not do anything.

I went home really scared. It is really scary losing vision. You never really appreciate how much of your life is related to being able to see things around you. Watching TV, playing games, looking at homework, and working on a computer.. It was all a little tricky at that point with only my left eye.

Depth perception was weird, and my “good” eye would get tired, and I’d get dizzy and feel sick.

We bought a bunch of blueberries, and started eating lots of things with antioxidants. I’d break down and actually go ahead and take advil when I got headaches (anti-inflammatory). Got back on a regular schedule with my vitamins, and slept a little more often, hoping it would help heal things quicker.

By February 20th, I had a followup checkup with the eye doctor. He was actually very impressed as it seemed in that months time, I’d gained 95% of my vision back in the affected eye. He was very happy we hadn’t gone the steroid route, and said that in normal cases (as he mentioned before) that most don’t see that kind of improvement until around the third month.

April 20th will be my third month mark. I’m very thankful to be at what I’m estimating now as being 98% back to normal (because it continues to improve) in only 1 month and a few weeks.

I’m hopeful in the next month and few weeks, that I end up getting back to 100%.

Super thankful to my work for being so understanding during this time, and to those who offered up supportive prayers and/or positive thoughts my way. Very much appreciated!

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