Reading reactions.. Boston Marathon

My heart sincerely goes out to those who were affected by yesterdays bombing. I will never understand why people do things like that. I can’t even fathom a reason why, or what spurs on people to do deeds such as these.

I’m clicking through checking facebook and I see so many posts on what has happened. So many prayers, so many thoughts and sincere sorrow over the situation, so many posted desires to help those who have been affected by the tragedy,… and then I see people posting comments weaseling in political views on gun control?!?

status statements akin to “Sorry this happened.. its really awful.. but just a remember that limiting guns won’t fix this issue”….

Um… seriously what is wrong with people? It just makes me angry when people do that. First off, this doesn’t happen to be about a gun at all so why would you bring this up right now unless you are afraid that people’s attention will be drawn away from a topic that “matters to you”.. I find it selfish honestly.  What happened in Boston didn’t involve a gun, and to be quite honest, owning a cabinet full of guns would not have protected you from that travesty either. It’s very apples to orange comparison.  I doubt those who lost loved ones are worried right now about the gun control topic. I would imagine that they probably aren’t even thinking about gun control legislation.. they may be angry and wanting to take their gun and hunt a guilty party down, but I can pretty much guarantee thier thoughts are not about legislation.

If you are commenting on the tragedy at Newton, or even the one at a theatre in Oregon, then yeah by all means bring up guns as in those cases it the topic has pertinence.  This particular event however, wasn’t about a gun at all. Why would you go out of your way to diminish what happened in Boston?  Why are people so afraid to have the attention be moved away from gun control? I just find it completely disrespectful and pretentious.

I’ve come to the conclusion that politics is the worst form of organized religion out there. It has no real moral compass, nor real desire to achieve a greater good. Its more of a popularity contest trying to make money off of situations.  The good of your party outweighs the greater good of all, and becomes more of a tactical sports game of blocking the opposing political faction’s goals. No offense but not everything should be a game.

Politics is not what is needed right now. Politics is not going to be what helps people heal and that should be the focus right now.

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