2013… and the cinnamon roll!

So here we find ourselves in the year 2013. We survived the Mayan end of times it would seem… so now what?  I have to say, despite the ominous “13” and the numerous nay-sayers of the zodiac pointing out that this is the year of the snake, and that those years are generally troubled ones… I think it will (as always) become what we make of it.

It can’t be all that bad… after all on January 1st we actually found a gluten/dairy free cinnamon roll at the grocery store! Did you hear that? AT THE GROCERY STORE!  I’m totally not being sarcastic at all… I’m totally serious… its amazing for where we live.

Do you know how many years its been?  Cinnamon rolls were my favorite and after everything with discovering my MS and Haiden’s allergies, and changing up our diets to accommodate  I had deemed enjoying a cinnamon roll as a lost cause. Unless we wanted to search out alternate ingredients and bake them from scratch (and we aren’t really good at baking).. it just wasn’t ever going to happen. So Deon thoughtfully bought us a package of four and Haiden and I had our first cinnamon roll in 4+ years! It was so nice!  I’m hoping its a sign… not that I’m superstitious mind you.. its just I would like to think that this year will be an improvement upon the last.