Truth be told…

Truth be told I’m a little hurt and frustrated.. I wrote out what I thought was a sweet Happy Birthday wish to a relative, only to have it quickly removed. There are times when I seriously feel like I’ve gone backwards and I’m back to the point where family members only seem to care if I’m going out of my way to do something for them or help things go according to their plan. The second I need to do something for myself, and I’m not furthering their desires.. Its like I’m not good enough, or don’t exist. They complain that I don’t call, but then never answer the phone when I do.. It has to be about them or therse is no reason to be in contact with me.

It hurts, but I think I need to let it be and not worry anymore.. I have my husband and my kids, and maybe they are the only ones I “need” to have care..

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