Love is patient… Love is kind…but Love is not weak.

Love is patient… Love is kind… but Love is not weak.

So today I am going about my normal day and I get a text from my cousin who says…

“What a tragedy in CT. Hug your kids extra tonight.”

At this point I’d been at work for 5 hours, had not seen the news, not checked facebook, and no one else at work had mentioned anything.  Co-workers nearest to where I sit are out at lunch and so I bring up a web browser and simply type in the words:  Tragedy + Connecticut.

I’m floored when I read the the article I found. 20 precious babies, and 7 adults dead as the result of a heinous shooting at an K-4 Elementary School of all places.

I look up Facebook real quick, and the posts are all very similar. Offerings of prayers and condolences, disbelief at how this could happen, anger and frustration over the loss, as well as soap box posts using the event to argue points they’ve claimed before.

“Stupid Americans and their precious guns”….

“Guns don’t kill people, People kill People”…. “

“We wouldn’t be in this mess if they allowed God into schools”…..

While I very much understand the anger… these kind of horrific events can not be pinned to a single cause.

As much as I really do hate guns, I want them no where near me or my family… the right to bare arms is not what causes this. Having a gun in your hand doesn’t make you shoot it. Regulations on guns do not absolutely remove the ability for “bad guys” to obtain guns even in a legal manner. It also does not confirm that those who have been approved and given licenses to own a gun are completely sane, or that they will forever be in the mental state they were in when they applied for the gun in the first place.

While I agree that guns don’t kill people, People kill people, their is a certain logic that is persistent in my head that spouts up the thought that if guns were less available, it seems like there would be less shootings. Realistically though those people who are determined to commit such atrocious actions seriously would likely find a different method if they are serious about causing the intended damage.

As far as believing that having “God” in schools is the answer, I can’t say that I honestly feel like that would do it either. The whole purpose of America was built on religious freedom and to not allow any certain religious sect to have power to force any group to conform.  Its kind of what makes this country great because there is the option to have an open mind. Your hand isn’t forced like it is elsewhere.

While I’m a firm believer in a God that loves his children and wants good things for them, the problem comes in that even people who go to the same church can have very different interpretations as to what “God” wants. I was always taught that God wanted us to have free will, so that we can flourish in him and seek him because that is what we want to, not because we are forced.  He desires sincerity over force.

I feel like this statement is too easy. Its too simple to say “Well if everyone believed exactly what I believe, we’d be fine”. Do you understand what I mean?

Realistically I’m not even sure people have thought out that statement beyond just uttering the words. I’m thinking that “having God in schools” probably means very different things to different people.  Would it mean  there would be actual class sessions taught on the subject? If so then how would it be figured out “who’s version” of “God” would be taught? To others maybe it would simply mean that children would have the option to openly pray if they desire?

To be honest I know kids who pray before lunch at school. Prayer is a quiet and personal conversation with God. Did we learn nothing from Daniel in the lions den? Prayer can’t be stopped if the individual really wants to pray, it doesn’t have to be obtrusive or even involve anyone beyond the individual and their God.  The sad truth is that even had this been some private Christian School, rather than a public one, this same tragedy could very well have still occurred.  No one is safe and that is what is scary.

No offense to any public educational facility, but I personally don’t believe that they are geared to fairly promote religion in school, nor should they.

Those kind of things should be taught in the home. Children should be brought up learning right and wrong from their parents and caretakers. We should have a vested interest and dedication not only in our children’s morals, but in our children’s mental health…… and that is where I believe the issue lies.

Our kids need healthy coping strategies… they need to be taught healthy attitudes where we appreciate and encourage love of our fellow man.

Ton’s of prescriptions are created everyday. While medications can take the edge off for some, they only become a band-aid to dull the pain people feel, they don’t resolve the root issues.  In order to bring people back to stable thought processes, people need to reach out and be reached out too. People need to care and feel like they are cared about. As much as we like to believe in self-made individuals, it hardly is ever the case. We need each other. Until our collective focus as a nation,  as a steward of this world becomes to actively promote a greater good where healthy coping strategies are taught and thoughts of becoming a community set above furthering our own ideals and fattening our own pockets, this issue will continue to rear its head at the expense of the innocent.

Love is not weak. Love is not idly standing by while we see others in pain, because its “none of our business”. It will sometimes mean getting our hands dirty and actively showing love beyond just saying it.


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