Aunt Connie

My Mom called this morning to let me know that my Aunt is in the hospital again, and they’ve determined its no considered an inoperable ulcer. She’s basically bleeding and they can’t stop it. She’s had two operations in the last while to try and help, but its gotten to a point where it can’t be humanly fixed. I’m sad and numb. Its so frustrating.

Although I didn’t get to see her much as an adult, and often only once a year as a child, she was still one of my favorites on Dad’s side of the family. She reminded me most of my Grandmother who we lost when I was 12, mostly because she never seemed to sit still. Always doing or poking into something (both good and bad lol) she was a busy-body getting involved even in instances where it might not have been as welcome, yet you knew that really she meant well regardless.




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