Random Updates – April 2012

We got the kale, cilantro & basil in the ground. I hope they make it. 🙂

In other news.. for the first time in 16 years I own a regular bicycle. Its kind of cool. We went down to Thompson park and rode on their bike trail as a family. I think the kids really enjoyed it, I know I did. What spurred this really was a week or so ago now, the doctor had told Deon that he should think about losing some weight. He suggested trying to work up to having a daily 20 minute walk. I suggested he wait until I get home each day, and we could go together. Would be some time quality alone that he seems to be craving, and just the fact that it is always good to have someone along for accountability.

We had done pretty good the last two weeks. We’ve only missed two days, one when I was feeling too sick to go, and one when we couldn’t bring ourselves to go walk in a downpour. The bikes will make us get a little more exercise out of the process I think. It will be good. The walks were nice though because we could talk as we walked, so maybe we will alternate.

On the 26th was our 15th wedding anniversary. We tried twice to go to lunch, but one day Kylan was home sick from school, and the day of our anniversary it was the “Take your child to work day” which Shelsea of course wanted to participate in.

I married a great guy though.   The other day it was so weird, I was just feeling so very blah. We had gone to the store, and my hair was behaving in a manner that my sister and I term as “Bushwoman” hair.  I saw this lady with her little girl, the little girl was dressed all cute, and the Mom was very put together, very polished.

I started remembering that growing up I always had this goal that some day I would have a polished, and confident look. When I was younger, it was ok that I didn’t feel pretty or cute then, because I would get there one day.  I never really had found it though as I looked down at my sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. I was kind of feeling bad about that and Deon out the blue just told me I was beautiful. He says it often (another reason I’m such a heel to ever complain about him), but that time, the timing was so right on. I really am lucky.

Shelsea’s “Bring your child to work day: kind of nixed out lunch date idea altogether.  My job involves data entry, placing orders with codes, and being on hold on the phone for large amounts of time. It was ok though, Shelsea and I ended up having a good day anyway.  I told her it was going to be boring, but it didn’t deter her from the opportunity to miss a day of school. She’s a good kid, and fun to be around. That said, I ended up setting her up on a laptop, and having her practice her math online at Khan academy a good portion of the day which wasn’t quite what she had in mind… lol.

For anyone wanting to just learn something, or even if the kids come home and they need help with math homework that you just don’t remember how to do, I would very much suggest checking out Khan Academy. They have a wide variety of information available all in well done youtube videos. You can sign up and have your learning progress tracked, or you can sign up your kids and actually view statistics of how well they’ve done on any given subject they’ve worked on. It gives you insight on what kind of things they need to work on and what things they’ve mastered. Best of all, its all free! Just costs the time.

I’m in such an odd place right now emotionally I think. Its all kind of numb. I seem to be doing ok with the MS… least I think. As long as I stick to the diet and rest when I get too tired, I seem to be able to continue on. To be honest, its always there in the back of my mind but I feel like I’m trying to avoid thinking about it, which has been a little hard this past few weeks. First, a school friend on facebook sadly reported that her father who had progressive MS died.  Then there was this lady that works at a different office in the same building that I do, who had been diagnosed and had quietly contacted me about it a while back. I sent her all the information that I had, and encouraged her to explore her options and find what is best for her. We hadn’t really talked about it in awhile, and she wanted kept quiet at least until she got things worked out.

I was approached by another co-worker on Friday telling me that the said individual had MS, and wondering if I had talked to them at all… so I guess she’s told people. Sadly it seems to be out of necessity as the other co-worker also told me that the said individual was having to take an indefinite vacation.  My prayers are with her and I sincerely hope it eases its grip on her soon.

I’ve been extremely lucky, and I can’t help but wonder if at some point my luck is going to run out. It concerns me because there is not a backup plan right now. Deon has been off work so long. He mentioned looking into getting a CB license last night and maybe driving bus for a bit to help out with things. I kind of hope this pans out. He needs to do something, he has extreme cabin fever, and to be honest, while I love him with all my heart, It would be really nice for him to have something to focus on other than me. Its kind of stressing me out, that and just worrying about money.  I’m so wanting some down time to decompress where I don’t have to be guilty for wanting some time that I don’t have to answer to everyone over or be responsible for their immediate happiness.

Kind of a bad time too, because my Neurologist has left the area, and I need to get another one. I’m kind of putting it off though, #1 because I’m doing ok, and #2 because each time I switch, they order a brand new MRI. I’m still paying on the last one. ><  I seriously cannot afford to have it done again, it takes me 3 years to pay them off everytime I have one, and I’ve still got a year to go.

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