This here is a picture of our garden-in-training. We planted this from seed two weekends ago. It was pretty amazing how relatively quickly remarkable growth can happen. Within just a few days, our seeds had sprouted. Small green baby leaves protruding from the small earth pellets.

Growth is an amazing thing.. its something that sneaks up on you. Its a process.. its a collection small seemingly insignificant changes that make a big difference. Its something that goes easily unappreciated.

I think sometimes our problems lie in what we chose to focus on. I know this week has been kind of a stressful one for me, and I think that I can honestly say that part of the problem is what I’ve allowed to let bother me. What I’ve allowed to matter more than it should. I’m a fixer, and a planner. I can’t help it, but at some point I have to let some of it go.

Things change… growth happens.. even if we don’t initially recognize it.

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