Exhaustion might be ok…

Exhaustion has kind of taken over lately I think. Last night after work I went home and sat beside my husband for a few minutes as him and the kids watched this video of this pretty funny ventriloquist name Jeff Dunham. It was pretty entertaining, hadn’t ever heard of the guy, and despite his comedic genius and his talented performance skills, I fell asleep in the middle of it. I’ve been fighting this exhaustion tooth and nail but I think its winning… and maybe its ok that its winning. Maybe I need the reboot.

I woke up after the show, ate something, looked at my computer a few minutes, and headed to bed extremely early. I just couldn’t really function much beyond that. Perhaps its time that I let go and agree to let the exhaustion work itself out. Maybe then I’d feel a little better about a lot of things.. I’m not sure why I work myself into such a state of pushing so long before agreeing to rest. Its really dumb on my part. I need the rest, and I need to just accept it. The scope of any issue is in the eye of the beholder, and tired eyes have a way of blurring things to where they appear a bit bigger than they really are.

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