Lets get real for a minute…

It is a really sad testament how easy it seems for people to measure someone’s worth by a financial measure. How quickly they can decide that a financial state could possibly be any true indication of someone’s work ethic.

“That person is struggling.. so they must not be working hard enough… their just lazy”…. “If they’d just get off their duff and get a job…” (Lets just ignore the fact that the unemployment rate is where its at… that small detail is not important enough to consider right? Its more important that their presence is annoying eh?)

Its statements like these that make me realize just how out of whack our perceptions can get, and how oblivious we are to our own perceptions. How quickly we can justify our actions and judge everything about another who we don’t even know.

I am very likely one of the biggest proponent you can find when it comes to the thought of self responsibility. I totally wholeheartedly buy in to the ideology that in truth, I honestly believe that 90% of what comes at us is actually influenced by things that we put into motion through our own attitude or behavior.. our choices and avoidance of making healthy decisions. However I am realistic enough to know that the other 10% is totally up to dumb luck. Being in the right place at the right time.

I think people shrink away horribly from responsibility, and taking ownership of their own lives and situations. That said there is a greater responsibility that is shrugged off even quicker, and that would be the responsibility of being a decent human being. The idea of having enough character and self-awareness to realize when certain practices are rooted more in selfishness than in whatever excuse or self proclaimed “reason” we are using to justify a process that benefits some and uses others. To recognize that what we do actually has an impact on those around us, and to adhere to the knowledge that we are not alone, and that we should care about our fellow man more than we seem to.

Labeling someone is not as good at correctly defining who someone is… but we don’t care. We lump people into an idea and point fingers making judgements about someone’s character or intentions without knowing or caring to know the truth. Its far easier to pump ourselves up justifying why we are better than someone else, and why we deserve more right?

Give me a break, can people seriously believe that? Do they even hear what is coming out of their mouths? Do they even understand that they are making these assumptions? Do they really believe what they are saying or are they just jumping on the justification bandwagon because it makes them look better in their opinion. Can we get over the games and get real?

In simple truth when looking at what life experience I’ve had, it seems that amongst the people I”ve met, the ones that I know that proved to be the hardest working, were rarely the wealthiest. Some where comfortable but honestly most were not. They struggled and had up times and down times, as such is life, but regardless they worked their behinds off and were hardly compensated appropriately. Sometimes they made good decisions and sometimes they made unfortunate ones… but then don’t we all?

It is frustrating how black an white and ridiculous we as a people can be while riding atop a high horse, smirk firmly in planted on our face when we utter catty statements.

… when will we be honest with ourselves and get real?

Exhaustion might be ok…

Exhaustion has kind of taken over lately I think. Last night after work I went home and sat beside my husband for a few minutes as him and the kids watched this video of this pretty funny ventriloquist name Jeff Dunham. It was pretty entertaining, hadn’t ever heard of the guy, and despite his comedic genius and his talented performance skills, I fell asleep in the middle of it. I’ve been fighting this exhaustion tooth and nail but I think its winning… and maybe its ok that its winning. Maybe I need the reboot.

I woke up after the show, ate something, looked at my computer a few minutes, and headed to bed extremely early. I just couldn’t really function much beyond that. Perhaps its time that I let go and agree to let the exhaustion work itself out. Maybe then I’d feel a little better about a lot of things.. I’m not sure why I work myself into such a state of pushing so long before agreeing to rest. Its really dumb on my part. I need the rest, and I need to just accept it. The scope of any issue is in the eye of the beholder, and tired eyes have a way of blurring things to where they appear a bit bigger than they really are.