The State of our Union (a poem)

~ The State of  Our Union ~

I do not like how we all complain
And fill our words with such disdain

Sitting tight and spreading grump
Does nothing to help things “ look up”

No amount of cries or posts
Will do anything to make the most

Its time to roll the sleeves and work
Because finger pointing is for jerks

Our issues here are lessons unlearned
Stagnation dealt from stones unturned.

Too long we’ve rested on our laurels
Forgetting the most basic of morals

Our country had been based on freedom
Now its money that seems to lead them.

Drama comes from those content
With short term goals who won’t repent

Honoring the dollar over our brothers
Not being there to take care of our mothers.

The change we need will not occur
As long as it is money we prefer

The longer we sit and whine, we’ll suffer
The change won’t come until we are tougher

Until we give the same we expect
Until our overall focus becomes correct.

Until our political cliques demolished
And a focus on our people is polished.

Padding a pocket isn’t the only way
To make a difference in this day

There comes a time to be an adult
You have to stand and take the salt

Abandon the pettiness and other such dope
change is essential, but we need more than just hope.

Dear leaders and congress  – it may be fate
To be replaced by those willing to communicate
I myself no longer care
Who it was that pulled your hair
What  guy it was across the lines
That you wish to undermine
Who it was that stepped on your toe
Or how he beat you to the flag pole.
Schools been out, the bell has been rung
I think for the most part our patience is done.

~ a poem by Serina Clason 8/10/11

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