Mad Mom moment…

So my boys have been playing baseball for the first time this year.  My oldest son has an awesome coach, but the boys have lost every game.  Now anyone that knows me, knows that I am not very competitive. In fact, I’ve been the one all season who has assured my son that winning or losing doesn’t matter at all. That they are there to learn the game, and work as a team, while hopefully having fun and making friends in the process. I’ve even gotten into arguments with my husband about keeping up that front and not saying things that allow for self pity to trickle in. I don’t want them giving up just because its a challenge. I can’t stand the “We never win anyway” type attitude. I try and teach my kids that attitude is everything, and that the attitude we choose is what determines our course.

So why is it that I’m seriously so frustrated with last nights game? They only play 5 innings usually, and at the end of the 5 innings our team had won their first game of the whole season!  They were happy, and cheering and getting ready to pack things up. They had played 2 + hours already and it was time to go home, but the other teams kids started shouting that they wanted to play another inning. Our kids were looking tired, because they played their hearts out, and the sun was dipping, when the umps decided to add an inning ?!?

Our son’s team ended up losing the extra inning by 2 runs, and you could see them deflate.  I was so mad. There had been no real reason for the extra inning. It had not been a tie game at the end of the regular 5 innings, and it was already late. They ended up finishing the extra inning after the sun had already gone down.. and it was a Thursday evening, not even a weekend.   I don’t think I was frustrated so much about them losing again, but more about seeing them finally feeling good about their performance  (which they deserved to feel good about), then having their only real win this season taken away because someone got a wild hair and decided to change the rules at the last moment.

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