The ease of negativity

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason there aren’t more optimists in the world, is because of the plain ease of negativity.

Have you noticed this? When confronted with anything, how often is there a first thought, that leans to the negative?

How often is the reaction to roll over and “die” because of something, or to become catty in our complaints and blame someone else rather than to look for a different option.   I think its quite common, and it doesn’t do much other than make us annoying and unproductive. Like a small child, we may get our way through our whining over the short term, but what does it really accomplish? Is “our way” really the best solution anyway?

How much time do we waste whining about an issue before taking on the responsibility and doing something about it? Looking for real answers that treat the root and not just the symptom issue, and looking towards finding solutions that benefit more than just ourselves or our “group”.  Shouldn’t our actual goals always involve a greater good?

I think I’ve pinpointed in my own mind that negativity actually just equals laziness.

No particular reason for this post, no event that spurred it, just a thought I’ve been thinking…

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