I’m here.. :)

Quiet but not gone.. Its been near two months since I’ve been able to write something up here and actually push the “Publish” button.  I’ve got this very adamant self pressure to not add to the worlds negatives, as it seems difficult for so many to see the good in the first place.  So times of frustration tend to lead to quiet time in me.  Its not my goal to assist anyone in feeling bad. That said, know that I don’t mean to sound melodramatic.

Nothings really wrong, I’m just looking ahead and wondering if I shouldn’t be doing something differently. Should I be in school now? If so, then the age old question of for what? I just feel a bit stagnant. I want an opportunity to learn something cool. People are fine, relationships are fine, its just the same questions everyone has I’m sure.

One thought on “I’m here.. :)”

  1. Having the same questions lately… I think it’s actually a healthy sign; the need to evolve and grow. But it feels frustrating when you don’t see a direction.

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