Give me a pen any day.. (well keyboard anyway)

Writing is definitely the preferred form of communication for me. I’m not sure why really, I’m old enough that I should no longer be so self conscious,  but the fact remains that when talking to others I am.  I second guess a lot. I don’t really like to speak because verbal words are often so twisted by another’s perception, so very dependent on what kind of day they’ve had, that my words can loose all original meaning and can become an extension of the hearer’s own attitude rather than the speakers real intention.

When I speak,  my thoughts are far less clear and transparent in utterance despite the feeling of invisibility it tends creates in me. Honesty I feel that my words are shrugged off more often than not. Too quiet, too clumsy and too few maybe, I rarely feel able to complete a thought when I speak aloud to another.  Conversations seem often overtaken by others till it becomes obvious that my further points and inner thoughts on the subject  aren’t wanted, and so they remain unspoken.  To get your idea across effectively in verbal form, it seems to require confidence and charisma. Those two can get you pretty far, even when your message isn’t that great. Its like that song “Hook”.. lol.

Spoken word is easily lost and misunderstood, clumsy and uttered when the listener may not really be ready or willing to “hear” what is being said. It is often that great advice and most noble pleas fall on deaf ears.

But written word….. ah written word.. is saved for posterity, and can be revisited in its completeness when the memory fails, or when an attitude becomes softer and more absorbent.  Arrogant as it sounds, when something becomes “your idea”  it’s then that you allow yourself  to understand far better than when some random idea is thrust at you.

Choosing to read gives the power to the reader, because it was their decision to pick up or view that book, essay, poem, or blog even. Because of this choice, they sometimes seem more willing to open their minds and hearts to different ideas, because it was their choice to view them in the first place.

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