Eggshells…. ><

I seem to be having a venting issue lately, where I don’t know where I can express frustrations. I’ve always been one for trying to deal with the issue at hand, at the time, directly with the party involved, or at least waiting until there is a calmer time to talk with those involved so that the issue can be quickly resolved, and fair to both parties.

I have a real adamant dislike for people who don’t deal with the source of their issues. People that go around telling everyone but the person they are frustrated at, things taken out of context (adding things that tend to be  slanted for dramatic emphasis). I’ve dealt with being on the recieving end of often, and its so frustrating when you know your intentions and actions were done out of what you thought was best at the time. I’m really not spiteful, and I truly don’t do things to hurt anyone on purpose. It ends up hurting so much more once I realize that I’ve hurt someone, I hate that feeling!

This thought in turn tends to not allow me to feel ok about talking out, or asking for help from others in trying to figure out how to tackle certain problems.

It makes things a bit difficult when I tend to be surrounded by proverbial eggsells..  especially when I realize why, the fact it can’t be helped at the moment, and that it isn’t the right time to talk something out because the other isn’t ready. But even knowing that, it doesn’t make it less frustrating sometimes..

My feet and heart hurt from all the eggshells lately…  and it doesn’t seem ok to complain…

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