In the looking glass..

Through our lives our presence inspires thoughts in both ourselves and others, regarding our intended purposes for being.  Often creating a desire for us to be a certain way.  Sometimes we can live up to it, and sometimes we can’t.

Regardless, there comes a point, when we have to throw aside all verbalized and understood reasons , and be honest with ourselves.

Why am I here? What is my reason?  Then sometimes we come to a realization… a recognition.  Its often started with a simple thought. A wonder at how many of our frustrations are self-imposed? Of those, how many  issues are actually based in truth, and how many are just the product of our own misperceptions about others, ourselves, and the world. Where does our focus lie? Is it actually our intention to make the difference  we want to see in the world,  or have we settled down to having our mark be the biggest complainer?

I’ve come to the conclusion that pessimists tend to rely on luck, while optimists rely on themselves for how they feel, and what they accomplish. In truth, it is our attitudes and openness that lay the ground work for most of what happens to us… not all mind you, but truly most. It determines how we feel about our life, as well as how we treat others. We place ourselves in many compromising positions by our own actions. It is sometimes a lack of creativity, or effort on our own part that makes things harder for ourselves and those around us.

We are a figment of our own imagination in a very real sense. We have fluidly swirling images and ideas of who we are, and what makes us unique. Its something that we manage all on our own despite what we like to believe. Sad how quickly people denounce an understanding once the idea of self responsibility is introduced. There are outside influences obviously, but in the end, it is our decision to be the way we are.

This is how it is possible for two people to be brought up and live in the same situation and come out so very differently. Siblings are a prime example. It is a choice of the individual how they will live, and with what attitude they take on the issues in their lives. I will grant that much of the time, people’s eyes are plainly closed. Many have not been told, and simply don’t understand the power they have in their own lives. However even not knowing doesn’t make it any less real.  How we deal with problems, how we cope is the key. This is an idea we should introduce to our children early.

It all boils down to attitude, creativity, and how far we investigate that which we take as truth. We should lovingly encourage these traits in our kids, all the while realizing that in the end, it is a decision. We can’t force understanding, we can only hope to catch someone when they’re hearts are open.

If you lean towards negative thoughts, that will be how you see the world. You will find it more solace in complaining, than in doing something. Unfortunately there are those that do take action, and it is very rarely in a positive way. Very affected by the darkness they reside in, their view of problems center on a single aspect, rather than the whole of an issue. It is hard to be creative or make decisions with lasting positive effects, when you choose to be  blind to part of the information, and focus too intently on another.

No wonder people like this are so angry! They feel backed into the corner because they choose not to investigate the wall beside them for a light switch.

It is a personal decision wither to stay put, or to reach out and flip the switch. Today is a new day, what choice will you make?

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