Sheesh, its been a month since my last post. Well published post anyway. I have a few that were frustrating days for me that I just didn’t feel like actually going through with posting the results of those venting sessions. Afterall, If you don’t have something nice to say…  then don’t post it and spread negativity around right?  Or something like that ^^

Its not that its been a consistantly frustrating time for me, I’ve just been tired. I really can’t complain. Mostly I’ve just been really busy, and aside from the holidays, I’m not sure what was all that different, other than energy level has been pretty low. I haven’t been able to sleep real well the past 3 weeks, and I’m hoping its a trend that dissipates soon.  Overall, we had a good Christmas, A good good New Year’s Eve,  a good New Years Day (aside from the headache that I couldn’t get rid of.. lol! And not for any fun reasons you’d think.. just a headache.. lol!)

Not really much to report. Extended family changes, and my Sister moved which is kind of sad because I can’t just pop over anymore, but I understand its reason.

Other than that, really not much, kids still in school, I still work, Hubby’s still trying to figure out what he can and should do, and the world continues to turn.

Hopefully will find some inspiration to share here soon.  Till then, just wanted to assure that I’m still alive.. lol

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