On the winds of change..

As the brilliant fall colors swirl around us, and the season’s change becomes more evident; we enter a time where the appreciation of our blessings are highlighted and celebrated! This is my favorite time of the year! More so than any other.

As I arrived at work this morning, I noticed outside of our door  in the corner of the awning;  was a delicate  spiderweb that held three beautifully colored autumn leaves in suspended automation, as if attempting to properly display them as the pieces of art they were.

Autumn is a natural time for us as humans to recognize our past and present blessings.  This is kind of a sad statement for a species so advanced as we think we are, but often before we consider to appreciate something or someone, there has to be a difficult time, with which to show contrast. Things have to occasionally not be so “bright and cheery”, in order for us to really not take for granted, that which adds to the beauty of our lives.

Not only that, but we have to have the ability to step outside the nature of our own selfish comfort in order to sometimes even realize that our blessings do exist.  Our lives become the darkest when our attentions are focused so narrowly inward, and justifications drip freely when we remain soaked in our own frustrations. Unfortunately, those dwelling on negatives will continue to find that mode easier than understanding positives.  Realistically, each individual is the only one that can be held responsible for bringing  their selves out of depressive states; as the simple truth is,  that all of our perceptions are actually a choice, and not set in stone as we sometimes believe.

When the weather becomes less than ideal, and the warmth and freedom of our summer days have been replaced with cooler temperatures. Where playing all day out in the sun is no longer as enticing,  the physical change could possibly bring to mind an alteration in our perceptions.  I’m sure that is why fall and winter seems to encase the holidays that people most think outside of themselves, and truly recognize through the contrast, the good things in their lives.

Because of this,  it is now my favorite time of year.  Had you asked me when I was young, I would have answered that summer of course was the best, but as I get older, I think I’ve came to a place where appreciation is so much more valuable than perfection.

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