floating symbols

This post probably reveals a bit about my inner nerd.. 🙂

When I was about 22 years old, I had bought my very first computer from Dell. It was a goal I had been wanting to achieve for the past 4+ years.  There was some great excitement when it arrived, and my friend at the time, Darcy, helped me get everything set up so that I could use it. It was great! I even had internet! whoo hoo!  With my computer I had received a complimentary “The Sims” game as part of the package. This was the simple original one,  long before any of the many expansions and sequels that are out now for that game now days. The game itself was described as a “strategic life-simulation computer game”

I remember loading the game, and actually sort of enjoyed playing it off and on for a couple months before I got too busy to mess with it. The thing I most remember about it was that the people in the game would interact with each other, and when they did, depending on if the encounter was positive or negative, you would see a little +++ (plus symbols)  or — (minus symbols) above their heads. You could effectively see what that persons reaction was to a situation or a person.

I haven’t thought about this game in a real long time until today.

The remembrance was inspired by the fact that  I had received an e-mail today from someone, and after reading it, I sort of pictured a few minus symbols appearing above my head.  I was really disappointed in another’s reaction to a situation.  I know that there isn’t a graceful way of expressing my opinion, so I will try and keep my thoughts on the matter to myself and maybe God will be the only one who sees the little minus symbols floating above my head today.

New beginnings

There is nothing like our children to remind us to take a breath and enjoy life. Granted it can also be said that there is nothing like our children that can quickly turn our days upside down and rile us up…. but this is not one of those kind of posts.. 🙂

The best blessing in my life to be able to watch my children learn and grow. How much fun it is to see them be excited about new experiences.

Shelsea had her first volleyball practice yesterday. She absolutely loved it. It was nice to see that sparkle dancing in her eyes as she excitedly recounted her experience for us. I hope she continues to enjoy it. It was very nostalgic picking her up. Made me wish I had the appropriate gear (and energy… and balance) to be able to join them. 🙂

Another bright point for the week is that Kylan had asked to be baptized a few months back. We finally got him to his class so that he could decide if it was really something he wanted. His baptizm will occur this coming Sunday. He’s pretty excited.

Haiden is back in school and loving it like usual. Being his usual goofy self, and keeping our hands full.

God gives us our children to remind us at times when we aren’t sure there is much more left within us, that there is purpose.