Back yard Before and After…

We’ve been working in our back yard a bit to make it more inviting… The “Before” Pictures were taken in April of this year. The “After” Pictures were taken today. We’ve put 2 yards of gravel in the back to even out our ruts that were back there. We’ve Planted some flowers, added a hammock and a picnic table on the left side of the back yard. Most of our chairs are in that area as well as Butch & Dena’s Swing, to create a cozy visiting area back there. The intention is to also to bring yet more gravel in to fill in under the visiting area.

We had also brought in 1 yard of cedar chips in order to minimize some of the mud..
Here’s a picture of our garden from the back looking towards the gate…

Here’s from the other side of the gate now with the cedar chip walkway.. I don’t have a before picture, but trust me, its a lot better.. lol! Lot less mud.. 🙂

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