Results are in :)

Met with my Neurologist on Thursday.  He had gotten the results of my MRI. In fact he went through them with me on the computer, which was a nice change from the last time.

  • No new or active MS lesions so no evidence of any progression was found
  • No damage showed up on the MRI with my left eye, which is good. It had already been bugging for a week and a half at that point.  So because it wasn’t readily obvious it may mean there is more of a chance that my sight may improve after this bout is over… probably another month though. If it gets to bad I may need to see about getting some steroids. I’m really praying to avoid that.  It seems to vary with how much it bothers me.. but its not made me dizzy enough to need my eye patch in three days, so I’m hoping that it means its getting better. Still really blurry, time will tell.. In honesty, going blind has always kinda freaked me out a bit. Hopefully in a month, this will have just been a rough patch that is behind me.
  • MRI shows that I tend to hold my stress in my neck.. its actually kinda wearing my neck bones a bit.  (I really have to relax.. its never been something I’ve been good at..  sometimes I really don’t think I know how.. >< )
  • Overall good news..  offered to start me on medicine if I desired, although wasn’t suggesting that I needed too.  I was thankful because with this Neurologist we seem to be on the same page. I am comfortable that he will strongly suggest it if he really thinks I “need” it.
  • Same instructions, eat healthy, get adequate sleep, keep up with the vitamins (plus the extra ones he suggested), avoid the heat.. etc..

My husband has been really great.  He’s been trying to keep the house cool for me when I get home from work. I actually had to ask him to let it get a bit warmer.. lol. We’ve had a streak of warm weather the last few days.. but it cooling down I think

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