patiently waiting…

Had my MRI done yesterday.  This time around it was at the hospital where my new Neurologist’s office is stationed rather than the local hospital. Quite a difference. This time there was no hounding for the entire payment before the test, in fact they didn’t even bring it up. It wasn’t until I mentioned it, that they suggested I wait until after they billed insurance, but that If I wanted to make a payment, I could go to the billing office after my appointment.

They also offered up music to listen to while having the MRI done. I chose piano music because its calming.. and because I think I may just be getting older.. lol. Kinda like instrumentals a lot more now, and I don’t even play an instrument and don’t know what else to attribute the change in taste to.. lol.  I was very thankful for the music by the second hour.   Three with contrast and three without ended up being 2 and 1/2 hours… the longest MRI so far.

Hopefully they find that the MS hasn’t progressed much. I’m a little worried since I’m having such issue with my left eye, but most my other symptoms are pretty minimal at the moment, so I hope it balances out what “results” they gather from the test.  I should know that information on the 8th when I visit with the neurologist  again. Oddly, this time around I’m not as anxious for the results.  I just think its not going to change anything except possibly the urgency that others feel regarding my disease. I was finally starting to not feel pressured about the focus of my treatment, and I don’t want that to change. Its stressful enough.

Regarding my left eye problem.. well my left eye is just weird. Yesterday I wore an eye patch most of the day (except when in the MRI) as it was really sensitive and had “darker brown clouds”  and today, even though the majority of the vision is still blurred, the “clouds” are lighter color again and I can now make out a few words when trying to read with it alone.  Not sure if its getting better, but it is getting different. Time will tell I guess.

One thought on “patiently waiting…”

  1. Wow, music with the MRI, that is cool! Hopefully the results come back without much progression. Whatever keep the cool you have developed and you will deal with everything better. Take care!

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